Servant Leadership

What is Servant Leadership?

The theory of servant leadership was developed by Robert Greenleaf and first proposed in 1970. It is often represented by an inverted pyramid, symbolizing the leader at the bottom of the pyramid, supporting the organization.

Larry Spears (2000) outlines ten characteristics of servant leaders:

Commitment to the Growth of People
Building Community

James Sipe and Don Frick organize the theory of Servant Leadership into seven pillars in Seven Pillars of Servant Leadership (2009):

Pillar I. Person of Character
Pillar II. Puts People First
Pillar III. Skilled Communicator
Pillar IV. Compassionate Collaborator
Pillar V. Foresight
Pillar VI. Systems Thinker
Pillar VII. Moral Authority

Books on Servant Leadership:

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