For Him and For Them


It was another early morning. I was up hours before the official start to the school day, working through my morning routine, and thinking about the day ahead. A sobering thought hit me. What am I excited about today?, I wondered. Why am in such a rush to get to school?

It was right about then that my two-year-old son walked in, much earlier than he should have been awake. Suddenly, my plans changed as I decided I would keep him busy until everybody else in the house woke up, then I would head to work later than planned, but still earlier than required.

As I drove to school and began to refocus, the answer to my question emerged. I do it for him.

I get to work early for my son, and his brother, and his sisters. I work tireless hours because your children matter. I am dedicated to my job because the children who attend my school deserve it.

And I know other dedicated educators are doing the same in other schools across our country and the world.

So, what excites me in the morning? The fact that the job I do makes a difference. I am part of something important. We do it for our children and they are all OUR children.

What more reason would I need?