Clearing The Way


They are preparing to build a new subdivision not far from my house. A few trees have been cleared out. Heavy equipment has moved the earth in preparation for where homes will likely stand in the near future. There is no concrete yet, but it is easy to see where the roads will soon be. I did not notice it when it happened, but there is no doubt this plot of land was surveyed prior to the visible work beginning and it is obvious a plan was developed prior to the bulldozers arriving. This process happens again and again in new development after new development.

And it happens in schools, too. Although, it looks different. School leaders must adhere to a similar cycle: understand by surveying the lay of the land, plan, clear the way, build. Time must be taken with each phase.

We often know how we want the finished product to look, but we fail to prepare the road to get there.

It is the job of the school leader to clear the way for progress. The school leader must understand the obstacles and make it possible for others to navigate around, over, or through them. Better yet, the school leader should work to remove the obstacles all together.

What is standing in the way of your classroom, school, or district getting to where it needs to be?
What are you, as a leader, going to do about it?

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